How to use as a Host

Create an Account

Login and Start a New Game



Create an Account

1. Go to and click “Register or Login as Host”.

2. On the next page, beneath the “Log in” button, click “Register as a new host”.

3. Enter your registration details including the Host Registration Code which was provided to you by The Quizmasters.

Note: Please make sure your account email is the same as your Quizmasters account email.

Login and Start a New Game

1. Go back to, click “Register or Login as Host” and log in with your new account information.

2. Click “Start New Game” when you are ready to begin your event

3. Name your event (Game Name) and assign the number of rounds as well as how many points each question should be worth. Click create.

Note: The default number of rounds (6) and points per answer (100) are based on the Quizmasters trivia format. If you would like to have more rounds, less rounds, or change the point value per answer, feel free!

4. On the games page, click “Open Game”

5. Announce your game to the crowd! Ask for one representative from each team to go to and enter the Game Code that is displayed on your screen. As teams join, you will see them displayed. When all teams have registered and you are ready to begin, click “start”.

Note: Instruct teams to choose only one person to join and enter answers.

If you are using the Wild Card option or other additional way for teams to score points, see Step 3. of the “Gameplay” section .


1. Once you click “start”, begin asking questions. Team representatives will type answers on their phones.

2. When you are finished with the round, tell team representatives to “submit” their answers.

Remind them that they can only submit once and can not change their answers for the round once submitted. Submissions will begin to show up on the page. All ungraded team submissions will be highlighted. Click the highlighted “0” to grade that team’s round

3. The team’s answers will be displayed. Click “correct” if correct and “incorrect” if wrong. If the answer is correct, 100 points (or whatever value you chose) will be added. If not, the 0 will remain.

4. At the bottom of the answer sheet, you will see a box labeled “Optional”. If the team wanted to, for instance, use a Wild Card to double the points for the round, tell them to type “Wild Card” in this box. You can then manually edit the Total Points for Round as you like. TIP: If using the Wild Card in your game, or another additional way to score points, announce this along with the Game Code at the beginning of your event

5. Click “Save” and move on to the next team.

6. Scores will be displayed and tallied. Read out the answers and scores.

7. When ready, click “next round”. Now players will be entering submissions for round 2. Repeat these steps for each round.

Note: You will see the active round number in green. This is the current round you are accepting answers for.

Note: Please see the FAQ entry What about the picture round? For more information on using the picture round.

8. When you finish your final round, the game is over! Final scores will automatically be tabulated at the bottom of the screen and you can even export them as a .csv file for future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the picture round?
As you may know, The Quizmasters provides 5 rounds of written trivia and 1 picture round. We suggest you tell your players that round #6 is the picture round that they should wait to submit round #6 until all 5 previous rounds are submitted. You will need to click “Next round” when you are finished with round 5 and announce that you are now accepting submissions for the picture round. Additionally, the picture round will still need to be passed out, displayed on screens, or displayed somewhere so all players can see it. At the moment, it can not be displayed on the app. Be creative! Or, if you don’t want to use the picture round, simply set the number of rounds to 5 when creating your game.
How do I use a wild card?
If you use a wild card round (which doubles the points for that round) simply tell your players to write Wild Card in the “Optional” box for that particular round. If you see “wild card”, manually double the points.
What if I make a mistake?
You can manually edit scores on this app.
What if my computer dies and I log out of the app?
Just log in again to get back into your game! All progress is saved.
Can I use my phone?
As a host, we suggest you use a tablet or laptop. Players can use any device.
What’s next?
This was initially developed to help bars socially distance their trivia but we have quickly come to realize that this tool may be useful beyond this difficult time. We are actively working on upgrading, updating and making this an even more powerful web app. We are excited for the future!